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ABOUT OPENERARANKINGS.COM does not offer official data available on the ATP World Tour or WTA Tennis websites, nor does it use any of the data available there. Its purpose is that of information regarding the live standings in the ATP & WTA Rankings and showing the data recovered through volunteer, non-profit work. All the data on the website is generated by and not extracted from any other website by using any means which would constitute a violation of the privacy of such websites. Although we try to maintain the level of accuracy at the maximum possible level, errors will always be possible in our calculations, and as soon as we become aware of them, they will be corrected as soon as it is possible. will not bear any responsibility for the way our data will be used by any third parties.


Our live rankings system started running in 2012, as a project meant to bring more information to everyone curious to know the exact position of players before the official edition of the ATP Rankings was issued every Monday. Although the project was not an online venture at first, it was fully automatic and autonomous, capable of self-correcting errors and able to manage the complex calculations needed to be as precise and as dependable as possible. Even now, the same system runs in the background and represents the backbone of this online system.

The live rankings are in no way meant to undermine the great efforts of the wonderful people working at the Association of Tennis Professionals or the Women's Tennis Association, but are meant as a way to track live changes to the hierarchy, as an additional information tool for everyone interested in predicting placements of players, especially during or before important events in the tennis world.

The forecasting tool can be used to see the possible changes in the world's rankings as players drop points won in the previous year. Every drop is precisely timed and the forecast will accurately position players in the rankings according to their total points. In a way, the forecasting tool is the Race for every possible starting week, not just the official one.

The WTA Live Rankings were started in November 2017 as an expansion to the previous ATP only live rankings.

The system was designed and is currently maintained by Marian Ciulpan, Software Engineer.


The website was built in an effort to make the data more easily accessible to the larger audience. Built by Marian Ciulpan, the website had additional contributions in terms of design from Zion Rosal. His input helped the enhancement of diverse features, but Zion also currently contributes to the testing and correct functionality of many others.

In terms of social media, we are trying to keep up with fresh news, but it's sometimes hard due to the work put into maintenance and expansion. Our Facebook account is managed by Marian Ciulpan, while our Twitter feeds are run by Zion Rosal.


The historical rankings are a work in progress. Integrating the calculations and the data with the website will take considerable effort and time, so please be patient as the data will slowly become available in time through the navigation tool in our website.

There are multiple components to how the historical rankings are organized, according to the type of work that was enterprised in order to obtain the data. All the efforts regarding the pre-1990 period were undertaken by Eduardo Puppo, Journalist and Tennis Historian and Marian Ciulpan, Software Engineer. The following periods can be extracted:


This period did not have any official ATP Rankings, but Marian Ciulpan, with the assistance of Eduardo Puppo has expanded the official ATP Ranking system of 1973 to cover the entire period since the start of the Open Era. The historical data backing up the results used to calculate the points, came from diverse news article sources, through the great efforts of Eduardo Puppo, but also through other collaborators to our project, which we would like to thank tremendously.


This is the period with sensitive data that has been presented partially in the documentary Vilas: Settling the Score. Details for this period will be provided soon.


The period was covered in the same style by Marian Ciulpan, with the assistance of a broad range of historical documents provided by Eduardo Puppo, but also through the great efforts of Pete7, Salvatore Mamola, Markus Lomo, Karoly Mazak and Sebastien Cognet, who contributed extensively in the Satellite area. There were no more major differences to the official rankings, although the repair work continued throughout the period. Most the official ATP data is missing for this period, so statistics will now have the chance to fill in some details in players' careers by using the re-completed data provided by our website. Currently, the period data has been temporarily been suspended, as a second pass with future knowledge will allow a boost in accuracy of the data being presented.


Work has begun to reintegrate the rankings in this period. The method is through careful reconstruction using future tournament knowledge. This will ensure visibility on all the final tournament categories and drop point as well as errors made whilst tournaments counted for players.


The period is now fully available through the Open Era Rankings project. Users can access any ranking date and observe not only the full breakdown of points for every player, but also ranking errors committed by the ATP. A function to load corrected tables has also been added.

2012-present day:

The live rankings system started operation in July 2012, all the data has now been fully integrated into the website.

The WTA past rankings since 2014 are also part of the upcoming integration work. Rankings since 2017 are now integrated into the website. would like to thank you for visiting us and considering our data important for your needs. If you find any problems or errors, do not hesitate to contact us by using our Get In Touch page. You can help us maintain the website by making a donation.